Monday, December 10, 2007

Gettin' There!

Hello All!
Well, I am DEFINITELY feeling very pregnant now! This pic was taken about a month ago...So by now I'm feeling even more so. :) Shannon is kicking and moving SO much...sometimes it even hurts! I have most of the nursery ready. We painted the walls Pottery Barn's "Grecian Green" color, with a wide warm pink band at the top of the wall, which will be finished off with a scallop stencil.

The sleigh crib is rubbed ebony-colored wood, as is the dresser--we just used the tall, narrow dresser that goes with our bedroom set, since it won't fit into our bedroom with both our bed and big mirrored dresser. I inherited a changing table from my sister-in-law Kristin, who inherited it from Bekah Merkle. It is nice and big, and with a couple extra screws will be sturdy as can be. I spray-painted it a semi-flat black, and it looks great with the other furniture! Thank you Kristin! :)

I opted for the cheapest type of rocking bassinet (other than a moses basket or the plastic kind with music, etc..) I found it on and got free shipping to our local store. It is so-so...definitely cheap...:) You usually do get what you pay for! :) I think maybe for the next one around I'll watch Ebay early on to find a Pottery Barn bassinet that is shippable, and not just "local pickup only"...I often found "just the right crib" or "just the right bassinet" in my price range only to find they wouldn't ship! Argh! :) We are thinking of carpeting Shannon's room since it's the chilliest room in the house. It will be a shame to cover up the beautiful job Dave did with the fir flooring, but better warm than pretty for baby's room! I found a stuffed chair rocker on Craigslist for $15, and it is nice and small and comfy. I was so excited, as I had basically given up on finding a plush rocker (I don't like "gliders"--they make me dizzy) before baby came.

We found the perfect Christmas tree, and have it all decorated--it is a teeny bit sparsely decorated, but not bad for our first Christmas! :) I found us two fun and pretty stockings at Old Navy for half price. I get so excited when I find something nice for a bargain--it makes life a lot more adventurous! :) Well I will quit now. Blessings to you all this wonderful season of Advent!