Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Pics Again...She loves her baby swing!!

More Pics From Easter!

I was so happy about this little find! I got these precious little pink satin ballet slipper shoes at Ross for $3!

Shannon's Baptism!

March 23rd, 2008: Shannon was baptized by Grandaddy! She didn't cry or fuss, and was the "smiliest" I've seen her yet afterwards and all day! Very fun. :)

Shannon with Mommy...
I think her little bonnet is adorable! She didn't wear it to church though--she had a cute white bow in her hair from a website that makes bows for little girls' fine hair: ! (They really do work!)
Shannon in her christening gown. The Church's new little Christian member!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Little Princess!

Our sleepy-eyed little princess wearing an adorable dress from Grandma B!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Smiling at Mommy!

Hooray! Shannon made my day on St. Patrick's Day by giving me several "real" smiles and "talking" to me! She has the cutest smile! I could only snap a couple pictures...the memory card was full and I didn't know how to delete via the camera! :( But I did manage to get this grin. *Sigh*...MELTS your heart! :)

Randomly ordered photos...

This was so cute! Shannon found, not her thumb, but one finger to suck on!
Daddy and Shannon chillin' in the rocker. This adorable knit one-piece was sent her from her great-aunt and uncle and 2nd cousins in France. I love French baby clothes!

Shannon in one of her favorite places to hang out--her changing table!! The changing table was given to me by Kristin, who got it from Bekah Merkle. I spray-painted it semi-matte black, and got a contoured changing pad for it. It's a pretty comfy place to chill! I attached her Winnie the Pooh mobile above it, and she has her stuffed animals stuck onto the side. "Enjoy the mini-skirt while you can Shann! No more of that when you're a little older!" :)

Sunday Walk

Daddy and Shannon, all ready for our Sunday afternoon walk!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Shannon holding her paci in! She did this as a newborn--the nurses couldn't get over it! :)

More pics...Recent, but in random order...

Grandaddy with Shannon...
Mommy and Shannon in her Peanut Shell--Peekaboo! It's Shannon Lou!
Grandmommy, and Shannon being held by her great-grandmother who came to see her from France!
Little Lou...
I love bathtime!

More Pics...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Early Photos...

The top photo is Shannon a couple days old on her "bilibed" for jaundice. We had a little bed here at home that fit right into her bassinet--I was grateful for the large size of that bassinet for the first time since buying it! :)
Little Miss Chubby-Cheeks-Beauchamp! :) She was born with a double chin!
One of the first "asleep" smiles! It just melts your heart!
Shannon puts her hands like this herself when I have her on my shoulder! It's so adorable!
Proud Daddy! Dave has adjusted very well to being a daddy, and is a great diaper-changer! :) It's wierd to look back at these photos! Shannon looks so tiny, and those first couple weeks were such a surreal whirlwind time! I was in awe the whole time though...and the fact that she was on the "bilibed" all the time except when I was feeding or changing her, it made me look forward to those every-two-hour feedings! (We were supposed to feed her as much as possible to flush out the bad stuff from her liver...) And it sure worked! She pooped and wet her diaper 1-2 times per feeding. :) We went through SO many diapers those first couple weeks!! I am so grateful for disposable diapers!!