Wednesday, January 23, 2008

37 Weeks Today!

Well today is a significant milestone--Shannon is now considered "term"! Yay! Any time she wants to come now is just fine with me! We've had 4 false labors so far--we only were at the birth center the first time though, as the labor came on during a routine weekly non-stress test. We live 2 minutes away from the hospital/birth center, so we can afford to wait till we really think "this is it"! :)

I just can't wait to meet our little girl! I wonder how big she actually will be, and whom she will look most like...will she have Dave's long and narrow feet, or my wider feet? Will she have a Beauchamp or Foucachon nose? Eyes?? Mouth??

I really did think last night was "it"! The contractions were getting pretty painful--I had to just concentrate on relaxing and letting the pain go and breathing calmly; (plus they were a couple minutes apart)'s hard to gauge pain you've never felt before...but still, I think I will "know" when it's the real thing!

Shannon's nursery is all set! And I got a little pink baby bunting for half price at Macy's yesterday so she won't get cold coming home. It's been COLD here lately! 21 degrees was a high!

I also finally went and bought a Boppy nursing pillow. I splurged and got the "luxe pink" slipcover for a few dollars more--it's a soft velour stretchy fabric. I can already tell it's going to be a life saver with nursing!

Well, I will keep you posted!

Have a wonderful day!

~Deborah and Shannon Lou :)

35 1/2 Weeks!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, it seems Shannon is one big baby! Her head and legs are measuring 2 weeks ahead, but her abdomen is measuring 4 weeks ahead!! The ultrasound tech said they can be a pound off either way, but that this machine was pretty accurate, plus she got really clear measurements of everything. So it seems I'm measuring even further along than I thought!

We'll keep you posted! :)

~Deborah and Shannon-the-baby-whale :)


Happy New Year to everyone!!

I am now at the safe mark--35 weeks! My doctor wants me to keep taking the Terbutaline (muscle relaxant to keep contractions down) till 36 weeks...and then...just wait and see what happens! :)

I'm actually about to go to my 3rd ultrasound appointment...

Deborah and Shannon