Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The "Un-Fun" Part Of Pregnancy Hits...

I'm 6 weeks...and I feel pretty awful. Haven't thrown up, though, which is a relief. Hardly any food sounds appealing, and when I do eat, I get disgusted with that particular food! I get bad stomachaches too. Ah well! It is all very worth it in the end. We can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or girl! I will be delighted with either--I'm thrilled to be having a baby, period! It would be special to have a girl, as it would be the first on both sides of the family (unless my sister-in-law Kristin ends up having a girl...she's a month ahead of me). But it would also be special for Dave to have a son. So, like I said, either one will have us just as pleased as pie! :)

I have tried ginger, "Preggie Pops", salt and vinegar chips, lime or lemon popsicles...A pretty good one is ginger beer. It's strong, but it will help your stomach. Today though, nothing has helped. I think maybe I am just "sick" sick.


Thanks! :)


  1. Often morning sickness is just low blood sugar. I know, not because I'm pregnant, but because I'm hypoglycemic and suffered morning sickness off and on for years (first things the doctors would always ask when I complained was "are you pregnant?" Ha!)

    Try eating a high-protein snack before bed, if you can stomach it. A little tuna on crackers, a hard boiled egg, whatever you can put down. That should lessen the nausea in the morning.

  2. ps - I"m so excited for you guys!!!

  3. CONGRATS!! we are so happy for you guys! hopefully our little ones will be able to meet one day.

    as far as the nausea - yuck. so sorry you are in that phase. i too tried to keep a little protien in my stomach at all times (but basically whatever you can actually put in your mouth is good). i don't know that anything ever actually made me feel better, so i just tried to keep myself busy to give me something else to think about, or sleep through it.

    keep on posting. we would love to stay in the loop!

  4. Hope this phase passes quickly for you. I was all-day sick with Aletheia for twenty weeks and I distinctly remember those days! A few things that helped me:

    1) Keeping a snack on my bedside table and eating a few bites in the middle of the night when I'd get up to use the washroom.

    2) Drinking something cold & full of calories. Homemade shakes are great. One that makes me full includes a banana (frozen makes it creamier), peanut butter, dark chocolate syrup and then ice cream or milk or plain yogurt. You get the idea. Just blend up something that tastes good to you. That way I was actually getting the nutrients I needed, but didn't have to mess with the texture of eating food.

    3) Staying active. Even though it sounds like the last thing you want to do in your first trimester, it really helps to keep active, take a walk, do a little gardening, stop and chat with a friend. I found that when I lay around, my sickness actually grew worse and worse with each passing week. Not to say, don't nap or rest, but do keep mobile & seeing people.

    4) Make sure you keep your electrolytes up, especially if you do throw up. I like one called VitaminWater. Make sure you check which flavour you get though, because one of them (energy) has a natural caffeine in it.

    5) And sometimes just resting assured that "this too shall pass"....the nausea is actually a good sign that your body is being pumped full of pregnancy hormones in preparation for your baby.

  5. yeah - how exciting!
    i don't have much advice on morning sickness, but just wanted you to know we are so excited for you. hope you get to feeling better soon.

  6. Hi Deborah! Congratulations on the baby coming! Sounds like our babies will be just about 10 weeks or so apart. :-)

    My "morning sickness" was more like "all-day sickness" and "completely random sickness" and I never really vomited, but it sounds a LOT like what you're experiencing now.

    Eat something ewery two hours!

    Start off your day with a high-protein food (eggs or a whole-grain cereal) and keep your foods during the day fairly low-fat or non-fat. Fat tends to sit a lot heavier in your stomach.
    Eat basically whatever sounds good - the baby will take what it needs from you, so keep the calories inside you as much as you can.
    Take a walk every day - staying active truly helps with the nausea.
    Stay hydrated! If you get dehydrated the nausea gets much worse!
    (Also, you could sip really cold liquids all day. Ice water really helped my tummy.)

    Seriously though, eating something every two hours really helped me!
    I hope you get through the sickies soon.
    :-) Love, Bethany

  7. Hi Everyone!!
    I hadn't checked this blog out in a long time and didn't think to check comments--with my other blog any comments come thorugh email first so I can approve them--a handy service after I started getting some nasty commentators! Thank you so much for responding! I miss all of you! That's great advice--I actually did most of that, and some of it really did help--like keeping a piece of bagel by my bed at night and taking a bite every time I go to the bathroom...which is sometimes like 5 times!! I'm actually over 12 weeks now, so into the 2nd trimester! I'm so happy time seems to be going quickly! :) My first doctor's visit is on Aug. 13th--I can't wait to see our baby!

    I hope each of you are doing great! Congratulations again on little Noah, Becca!

    And Bethany! I had no idea you were expecting! Rachel told me--I finally met her when she was visiting Moscow a few days ago. Aren't you all going to be here soon?? YAy! I won't be alone at Trinity Fest! :) (My family will be busy running the restaurant, and Dave will lead the singing and then go back to work...)

    Love to you all!
    ~Deborah and Baby Beauchamp :)

  8. Hi Deborah. It's been a long while since I've caught up with you! I don't even think I knew you got married, or were expecting! Congratulations. So happy for you! You look happy and I'm hoping with you being in week 12 of pregnancy that you're feeling better now.
    God bless,

  9. Time for an update Momma Beauchamp!!