Friday, February 1, 2008

Waters Broke at 2:00 AM...12 hours later we have a Baby!!

We had Pride and Prejudice (the good long version :)) playing during was soothing to me, and provided a bit of distraction between contractions. After being dilated to 5 for a while, I was so exhausted! I decided to go for the epidural. What relief! The rest of the time was pleasant--until the pushing! Shannon was two and a half weeks early, and ended up weighing 8 lb, 4 oz...which her daddy guessed exactly right when Dr. Trinh said to guess! But that to say, she was a big girl to get out! I must say, the pushing was a bit worse than I had anticipated..I tore pretty badly along with an episiotomy. I pushed for a little over an hour, which they tell me is very good for a first baby with an epidural. I let the epidural wear off as I started pushing, so I felt those last contractions very much! It helped me do a better job pushing, though... And then!! When you think you can't take it hear your wonderful tiny daughter cry, and nothing else matters! :) What an amazing feeling it was to see my baby for the first time! Words just cannot express it! God is so good...Dave and I are so very blessed! We love our little girl more than we could have imagined possible. :)
Our litte angel...
Proud grandparents with their first grandaughter!

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