Saturday, March 15, 2008

Early Photos...

The top photo is Shannon a couple days old on her "bilibed" for jaundice. We had a little bed here at home that fit right into her bassinet--I was grateful for the large size of that bassinet for the first time since buying it! :)
Little Miss Chubby-Cheeks-Beauchamp! :) She was born with a double chin!
One of the first "asleep" smiles! It just melts your heart!
Shannon puts her hands like this herself when I have her on my shoulder! It's so adorable!
Proud Daddy! Dave has adjusted very well to being a daddy, and is a great diaper-changer! :) It's wierd to look back at these photos! Shannon looks so tiny, and those first couple weeks were such a surreal whirlwind time! I was in awe the whole time though...and the fact that she was on the "bilibed" all the time except when I was feeding or changing her, it made me look forward to those every-two-hour feedings! (We were supposed to feed her as much as possible to flush out the bad stuff from her liver...) And it sure worked! She pooped and wet her diaper 1-2 times per feeding. :) We went through SO many diapers those first couple weeks!! I am so grateful for disposable diapers!!

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