Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Misc. Photos...

New Year's Eve dinner at West of Paris with Keith and Nellie Dimeler!
Shannon LOVES her daddy, and hanging out with him in the kitchen is a favorite pastime of hers! :) And there is my wonderful Dave doing dishes for me!
New Year's Eve dinner again--the men being goofy...:)
Our house this winter--we got SO much snow!! Poor Dave spent many hours of shoveling just so we could get our cars out every time it snowed! We have actually gotten by without snow tires on the Caravan so far this year...nice on the budget! I am so thankful for our little compact minivan every time I get into it! The space is wonderful--I drove Dave's little Corolla around while I was pregnant with Shannon (and my belly was bigger with Shannon than with this one!) and it was so difficult to lower myself into the driver's side and squeeze behind the wheel! I love how easy it is to get car seats and strollers in and out of the Caravan!

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